Motivate your talent, commit your team and create a distributed leadership culture.

It tackles uncertainty and sets a customer centred focus.

Why should I develop a Distributed Leadership culture?

It facilitates cultural integration, innovation and change implementation. It breaks silos, fosters collaboration and develops talent. It tackles uncertainty and sets a customer centred focus.

At talent level

I will deal with the adverse effects of uncertainty and its related anxiety by improving my tolerance for ambiguity, frustration and stress. I will face my mental model and its limitation and loss of perspective by proactivity and error tolerance.

At teams level

I will facilitate integration being aware of the team dynamics. I will enhance teamwork by fostering trust. I will increase cohesion by focusing energy on the common goal. I will benefit from processes of innovation (opportunities) and efficiency (optimisation).

At organisation level

We will implement a new organisational model with improved strategic vision and systemic approach. We will boost distributed leadership through decentralisation and mutual respect. Teams will self-coordinate, accept diversity and enrich by complementarity.

The great benefits of a business simulation



Simulation and Gaming facilitate learning, making complex realities easier to understand and combining inter-related perspective. They help understand dynamic contexts.



Experimentation through games and simulations is particularly useful when applied to improving abilities and even in transforming attitudes, something difficult to attain using other methods.



Simulations compress time to offer a clearer vision of a diffuse future. They project our behaviour allowing to develop positive habits. They let us make decisions that have no practical implications.

Do you want to try our open course before rolling it out in the company?

Two further options:

Once you have done the open program, you can choose from several options.

Company workshops

Three itineraries to cover all your company needs.

Manager,   with pre-work, self-assessment test and final report.

Executive,  with additional observers, group observations report and individual teamwork competence assessment.

Premium,  with a personal video-film and performance report, and a subsequent coaching session.


We have designed an affordable licensing programme for professionals aimed to expand their portfolio and complement their knowledge. More than two decades of specialisation on team analysis and experiential learning methodology in addition to a highly sophisticated simulation at your fingertips.
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This programme relates to many management fields. We provide extensive documentation for academics as well as a generous discount if the final application is a university or business school.

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