About the founder

Ricardo Zamora

The author of the Cooplexity Model focused on developing soft skills for Full Collaboration in a Complex and Uncertain world.

Ricardo Zamora Enciso is President and founder of the Cooplexity Consulting Group; a global organisation focuses on High-Performance Executive Teams. Full Collaboration is considered as critical to boost Innovation and Efficiency in a Complex and Uncertain world. An organisation that offers consultancy services with related high-end learning and development programmes and coaching. Its network aims to facilitate cultural integration and change implementation, to break silos and improve inter and intra-team coordination, and to align objectives and focus the organisation on customers.

Zamora’s area of expertise is the development of systemic competences in large corporations with complex interrelationships. He has taught in many countries, from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Italy to China, USA, and the UK. Clients include Arbora & Ausonia (P&G group), Santander Bank, Deutsche Bank, Lafarge, Heineken, Nestlé, Dannon, Nabisco, BDF-Biedersdorf, Akzo Nobel, Unilever, and Solvay.

He holds an MBA from ESADE, one of the top 10 European and International Business Schools where he is teaching since 2000. He has been director of the CEMS Business Project Program and the Master of Science In-Company Programme. Currently, a lecturer on the Executive MBA, and some Executive Education programmes.

He is a member of the System Dynamics Society and NASAGA, the North American Simulation, and Gaming Association.

Entrepreneurship (innovation, opportunity, creativity, proactivity, experimentation, and learning).
Teamwork (awareness of interdependence, cohesion, collaboration, and team consciousness).
Distributed Leadership (self-coordination and dispersed decision-making as a process of emergence of natural and spontaneous interposed leaders).