Are you a consultant, trainer or coach loving or living in Barcelona (Spain)? You are welcome to this open networking group for consultants.

Barcelona is an attractive international city. There are many reasons to decide moving here as the mild climate, rich culture, easy-going city and the exceptional architecture dominating life. Furthermore, perhaps you would prioritise the high-quality health services, good flight connections, top business schools and universities or start-ups.

Whatever the reason could be, many consultants are living in Barcelona with high professional level, great talent and specific knowledge or skills. Most of them are not Spanish or they even not work in Barcelona but internationally.

Altogether, we cover a vast variety of fields. This group aims to create a collaborative cluster and business ecosystem with a critical advantage. Because we live here, we have the opportunity to meet personally. This is what we call the Barcelona connection.

Some of the activities we boost at the group

  • Brainstorming and contrasting ideas
  • Peer evaluation of projects
  • Test of products/services with low-risk audience and expert feedback
  • Specific business projects coming up between members

Furthermore, interaction always generates an output. We frequently see common projects and cross-collaborations between members. This is just as a short list of advantages of a collaborative ecosystem:

  • Business perspective. I will never know everything.
  • Company size. I can always join others.
  • Product portfolio. I cannot cover all clients’ needs.
  • Sales Support. I could do much more if supported. Let’s share!
  • We altogether cover many countries, languages and cultures.
  • As a group, we can compete much better.
  • I should not be working on administrative tasks. Let’s share!
  • Investment projects. I would invest if I were not alone.

From occasional mingling to more serious professional collaboration, whatever you prefer, you are more than welcome to join this LinkedIn group at or even better, join our Meetup group at

We believe in open networks providing support for collaborative interactions to boost new opportunities.

Join us now!

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