Ali G

Ali G

A Quiz & Satire

The current fashion for things entrepreneurial is at risk of clouding the day-to-day realities and challenges that you may face when deciding if a life of an entrepreneur is for you . Too many vested interests from educational institutions, to employment ministries , through to venture capital, private equity and wealth offices plug the notion that starting or growing an existing business in an entrepreneurial way is for everybody.

It is Not.

The plethora of suppliers and information provided to the entrepreneurial eco-system makes it increasingly difficult for us to decide if setting our own destiny as entrepreneurs is for us.

  1. We’d like you to take this short quiz inspired by Scott Shane and see how  consumed by entrepreneurial mythology you are. Be honest and let us know how you do.
  2. And after that we’d like you to enjoy the slightly dated, admittedly profane, yet acetic insights offered by the Ali G video. Satire and comedy can sometimes reveal hidden truths in phenomena. Even a younger Donald Trump makes a guest appearance in the video. We hope you enjoy and learn from both.
  3. Share some of the myths that you think surround entrepreneurship? For example, How do the the quiz & video make you feel about being an entrepreneur as a life choice? What things about being a Founder does the video throw up for you? What do’s and don’ts for example can we learn from the quiz and video?



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